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2017-09-23 01:12:47 by Zero2562130

Here's the skinny: Most games suck fucking dick now, especially 3D ones. However, one programmer begs to differ, and managed to go against this rotten grain with his new game, available to play now on this hollow carcass of a once-great site.


Seriously, if we got more games like this more often, NG and videogames as a whole wouldn't suck so much.


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2017-09-23 01:40:09

Thanks for the shoutout bro.

Zero2562130 responds:

No problem; you deserve it and much more.


2017-12-09 08:49:58

That game is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Zero2562130 responds:

My pleasure.


2018-01-07 15:24:18

I feel like I've contributed to the downfall of games on this site quite a lot. And I'm not even sorry.

Zero2562130 responds:

You shouldn't be, because you didn't. There are those in far greater positions of power that have made games worse for everyone involved.

Now shut up and give me money.